zumba for zombies. the fitness craze that’s sweeping the nation!
don’t let being undead get you out of shape. try zomba, the new zombie fitness craze that’s sweeping the nation!
famous comic maker of funnyjunk.com. known to commonly include his own iconic avatar, (a stick figure with black hair, thick lines, and a forward swept curling hair) in his comics. also is noted for his fairly funny trash-talking lines. i.e. “me fighting you would be like a gorilla with a club, fighting a kid with downs, armed with a —-ing spoon.” i.e.2. “if i was to throw your gay -ss over a fire, since you’re so flamboyant, your rainbow -ss would float.”

i.e.3. “you suck so much, i’m starting to think you take after your mother.”
person1: “hey did you see the newest zomba comic?”
person2: “i sure did!”
person1: “well that’s…..that’s just dandy…”
person2: “our lives are so empty…”
person1: “yes….yes, they are..”
zomba label group was founded in britain during 1977 by clive calder as a book-publishing venture and moved into the recording business in 1981 as zomba recording corporation.
calder, a south african expatriate living in the uk named the label after the former capital of malawi.
zomba is a record label, ma’f-ckas!
fine -ss girl
damm that girl right there is a zomba fareal!
cute yellow bone red bone hot s-xy bad

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