used as a derogitory term for the undead, usually said after you pwn them.
k to the i to the a, zomb-tch!
a n-z- zombie that trys to kill you, though already dead and has no brain. will usually try to bite and scratch. it usually refers to the game n-z- zombies (black ops) but can be used as a term to describe a total douche.
f-cking zomb-tch i kill you!

he’s such a zomb-tch!

my sisters a zomb-tch.

that zombie is a zomb-tch!
another term for a zombie but out of hatred toward the zombie. usually used in conjunction with phrase k to the i to the a or kia.
k to the i to the a, zomb-tch!!
zombie b-tch. any crazy zombie b-tch in any movie. there’s always at least one.
man that lady was a zom’b-tch!
an annoying zombie that infects you from behind without asking. they are too much of a fail to get you like all the other brain-eating undead.
*not to be confused with ninja zombies who actually have skillz in creeping up on humans.
human: *standing ready to blow out some zombie guts with a shotgun*
zomb-tch: *sneaks up from behind and scratches human in the back* trololololololol i got you!
human: fffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-
another name for ex girlfriends/boyfriends … they are half minded, heartless, @$$holes that grasps no remains of emotion, personality, or sensation of pain (just like a zombie) after a breakup.
a: “why are females such zomb-tches when you breakup with them?”
b: “dude, because they always come back for more!!”
a girl who is particularly obsessed with zombies, it can take many forms, from rigorous weaponry and fitness training in the event of a zombie apocalypse, to a s-xual fetish for the undead creatures.
zomb-tch: i find the undead s-xually arousing.

average person: twitard?

zomb-tch: no, zomb-tch.

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