means arizona for short.
guy 1: yo where ya from?
guy 2: zona baby!
broward county/sofla slang for mid grade weed. zona is usually lime green in color and comes in popcorn sized nugs with a few seeds here and there. it’s pretty good blunt weed.
i coped some zona and dutch and got stupid high last night.
99 cent arizona iced tea tall boy
dude 1: dude whats yr favorite zona?
dude 2: arnold palmer all the way baby!!!
zona – jail,prison in russian slang, word itself translates as zone..obvious really.
“on tolko sto iz zoni vishol..” –
“he’s just out”
1) posers mom
2) crack wh-r- that sells herself out of posers room
3) girlfriend of the stub
4) biggest swinger in litchfield
posers mom her name is zona shes a swinger

canada sucks
a weak–ss jerk kid who gets no action
dude dont be hatin on me! you know you just a zona!

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