marked with , as of color, texture, or the like.
arranged in .
marked with, divided into, or arranged in zones

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  • Zonation

    the state or condition of being zonate. arrangement or distribution in . noun arrangement in zones; zonate formation

  • Zond

    one of a series of soviet sp-ce probes that photographed the moon and returned to earth. noun any of a series of unmanned soviet sp-cecraft, first launched in 1964 as interplanetary sp-ce probes, the most successful of which, zond 3, sent back photographs of the hidden side of the moon in 1965

  • Zone of accumulation

    . zone of acc-mulation see b horizon.

  • Zone of avoidance

    the area of the sky in the plane of the milky way where interstellar dust obscures visible light so that no distant galaxies can be observed.

  • Zone defense

    a method of defense, especially in basketball and football, in which each member of the defensive team guards a specified portion of the playing area.

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