zone 6

zone 6 is a zone that covers the eastside of atlanta.

its full name is atlanta patrol zone 6.

areas, hoods and roads in zone 6 include:

– bouldercrest
– candler park
– east atlanta
– eastland heights
– edgewood
– flat shoals ave.
– glenwood dr.
– kirkwood
– memorial dr.
– mountain park
– sun valley
… plus others.
a: what zone you from?

b: eastside zone 6 the long way.

a: where you stay?

b: glenwood dr.
southern slang for the east atlanta area. more particualry ellenwood: gresham, bouldercrest, flatshoals, and glenwood.
t:”yo dawg, where u from?”

b:”i’m from zone 6, eastside”
a place where white girls claim they’re ghetto
“my days back in zone 6 were hard my man, i’m here now living the dream we rich now i got the starbucks and everything”
usda zone 6 covers a large part of middle america, currently from colorado to m-ssachusetts. global warming is shifting it north.
a: hey motherf-cker what zone ya from?

b: zone 6 represent!

a: it’s cool, homey, i don’t want no trouble from you northern growers.

b: true dat warm climate p-ss-es!

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