a common hebrew term used alongside the israeli middle finger to emphasize hate.
(flips off)
“zoobie on you!”
a term used in utah, mainly utah valley, to describe the excited bunch of mormons that go to byu and engage in excessive social activities. it’s very common usage here.
i was awoken late at night with chanting by who could only be the zoobies, exclaiming in chorus that they were to, “paint the y! let’s paint the y!”
a zoobie is a derogatory term for a certain genre of people who attend byu. the term evolved from the word zoo, which was a common nickname for the university in the 80’s. possible explanations for this nickname may include the chaotic, often carnival-like atmosphere of raging hormones and desperate hunting for mates.
a zoobie is the quintessential byu student. a zoobie is just a member of the flock of sheep. zoobies don’t think for themselves, they are the oblivious morons who roam byu campus in droves.
you can’t tell a zoobie by appearance only, although there is certainly a stereotyped look. preppy sweater boys and plastic girls are often -ssociated with zoobiehood.
“dude!! did you see that hot girl walk by?”
“yeah, she’s a zoobie.”
“oh, f–k that!!”
a utah mormon who is very sheltered and ignorant of the outside world. they want to stay in utah. they don’t have to go to byu or college at all. they mostly live in utah valley and utah county.
the zoobies in my cl-ss are so annoying. they don’t get how things are in the real world.
arabic for p-n-s.
see also zoob
“yo, aiden, could you hook me up with a yohoo?”
“yo, stefan, how about you eat a zoobie?”

“yo, i heard you like men.”
“i don’t even know, charlie, because i heard you eat zoobies on the daily, and you take them up the wembley way.”

“you like zoobies?”
“i like mine in your mom’s pooter scooter.”
an unidentifiable rodent-like creature that resembles a neutra and a groundhog

pr-nounced like (wookie – from star wars)
you can call someone that and really
baffle them – you’re a zoobie!!
a follower or believer of the zweunbenkante faith. a new, but deciated faith, the followers are easily definable by their outrageously good looks and amazing intelligence
the act of frotteurism is what zooby lovers love best (rubbing themself against an unwilling partic-p-nt)

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