(probably no longer in use), however, the south sh-r- of m-ss in the late 70s used “zooed” to mean: to put someone in an embar-ssing situation that they don’t understand, yet everyone else is laughing at them….
jane drove into the student parking lot in her dad’s car, not knowing that eight jock straps and a 12 pack were dragging behind her tail pipe, she was wicked zooed…..
to be high on marijuana
“oh, man, i was so zooed last night on the way into the concert, i could’t even find my seat!”
(adj.) of or pertaining to being “out of this world”
(v.) to be “off;” to be out of one’s mind
yvonne: hey, shelby, let’s cut cake out of our diet and just eat brussel sprouts!

shelby: i’m not about it! you are too zooed.
to be under the influence of d-lysergic acid dimethylamide (lsd). usually describes periods in the experience when people sometimes act very different then normal and are really tripping hard. also the “zoo” suggests an animal like behavior when tripping which i’ve seen at times, but i don’t know if that is just a coincidence or not.

i’ve sometimes heard it used to describe the effects of psilycybin mushrooms, or mdma (ecstacy/molly)
i was so zooed out on acid last nite that i came to crawling naked in the woods on all fours in complete darkness with no clue where i was.
-to be zooed is to be confused after frusing a m-ssive.
-a popular term amoungst the private school crowd in north toronto.
the baby was zooed after frusing a m-ssive.
thats zooed.
to take something
that n-gg- zooed my weed

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