zooping is the act in which an individual activly sh-ts themselves while ziplining . the most common form of zooping is achieved after a long night of drinking without thinking about the fact that you will be hanging on a wire 80 feet in the air flying from tree to tree the next day.
lady: “here he comes! he is going fast! what is that brown liquid pouring out of his shorts?”
man: “wow, jason is zooping all the way across the zipline, he is disgusting”
the art/ act of defecating on your s-xual partner’s chest while they sleep. usually performed under the stimulating effects of ludacris’ masterpiece “s-x room.”
after a night of wild -n-l s-x, flavius jaqurius green kennedy jr. waited until i (d’isiah t. billings-clyde) fell asleep and i awoke to him zooping on my chest. it was the most romantic experience of my life.
clandestine web surfing on a mobile device while at work. normally done at one’s work station under the level of the desk. descriptive of the top to bottom finger swipe motion commonly seen on touch screen devices when scrolling through web pages.
dude, my boss busted me zooping at my desk. at least i got my email, party time!
the art of doing an infinitesimally small amount of work. then rewarding yourself for achieving a herculean task. ( typically manifests as a break )
quit zooping and get back to work!

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