1. to get/be incredibly high and/or drunk.
2. to be exhausted.
finna get zooshed tonight

i’m f-cking zoooooshed

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  • whacking hour

    anytime you know for certain that you will be home alone and can whack off without fear of being discovered. my roommate hits the gym on the way home from work every wednesday. the whacking hour begins as soon as i grab my laptop and some lube.

  • erin quinn effect

    when you p–p so hard it ricochets off the bowl and hits the underside of the toilet seat. there was evidence of the erin quinn effect all over back bath.

  • ginger p*n*s

    a small, chubby, chode like p-n-s almost identical to the chode except the ginger p-n-s has ginger pubic hair. i slept with brandon last night and he has such a ginger p-n-s

  • stool hopper

    bar patron who moves from bar to bar over the course of an night. didn’t we see that stool hopper two bars ago?

  • last tweak

    when a tweaker has been on such a long binge that they have no concept of time and believe they’re previous actions happened only an hour or day ago when it was actually a week ago. no way man, that wasn’t yesterday when that happened, it was last tweak.

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