spreading out, a son of helem (1 chr. 7:35), a chief of asher.

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  • Zophim, field of

    zophim, field of field of watchers, a place in moab on the range of pisgah (num. 23:14). to this place balak brought balaam, that he might from thence curse the children of israel. balaam could only speak the word of the lord, and that was blessing. it is the modern tal’at-es-safa. (see pisgah.)

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    a frieze having representations of people or animals.

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    zopl language a block structured, untyped low-level language used on computers manufactured by geac. [dates? reference? stands for?] (2002-02-24)

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    william, 1887–1966, u.s. sculptor and painter, born in lithuania. historical examples from my smallest comrade to my teacher “reb” zorach, everybody now began to look upon me with more respect. jewish children sholem naumovich rabinovich

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    a female given name.

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