a s-xy motherf-cker often -ssociated with dank memes, a fatty, muscles and gl-sses that will never back down with the spicy memes. a good friend to have as they will offer dank memes daily.
d-mn, zsombor keeps sending me those dank memes, love em’!
f-ckin’ h-ll i wish i was friends with zsombor so he sends me dank memes

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  • councel

    how people with tiny hands and a narcissistic personality disorder spell the word “counsel.” with all of the illegal acts that took place in the clinton campaign & obama administration, there was never a special councel appointed!

  • guitar center shredder

    the guy who only knows how to play 2 or 3 songs and uses the most expensive guitar in the store with the amp settings on max. customer- “who’s the guy playing sweet child of mine that 59’les paul?” cashier -” oh, thats just our resident guitar center shredder.”

  • dancing security guard

    a freaking dank security guard that schools mascot loook at this doooooode dancing security guard

  • zulier

    sweet, smart, handsome and so extra kind and thoughtful. anyone would be lucky to have him, no matter what. and that sense of humor could get any girl any day. ugh! i need a guy like zulier in my life!

  • b*tch besties

    b-tch besties the type of besties you can b-tch to about anything, also because they are kind of a b-tch also me and my best friend are b-tch besties

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