p-b-s, pubic hair
god dammit man, i’m tired of cleaning up all these zubies in the bathroom.

trim those zubies down there, there ricocheting all over the place.
a depressed individual whose life has no meaning.
man, he looks like he’s going through a zuby phase.
zubys : (pr-nounced as if it were spelled “zubbies”) br–sts, b–bies, t-tties, etc. can be used to talk of female br–sts as well as the less common appearance of br–sts on fat, greasy males, better known as “man-b–bs”.

origin : eastern european street name, re-defined by touring musicians.
1. “goodness, what large zubys that girl has.”
2. “that chap ought to stop guzzling donner kebabs, otherwise he’ll grow a ripe set of zubys.”

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