to steal an idea from someone but change it just enough that you can claim it as yours.
dude, he totally just zuckerberged me.
to completely write another person out of the equation. can be used in both a business sense and in a s-xual manner.
“i totally zuckerberged him on the lawson account.”

“we were having s-x and, before i knew it, i’d zuckerberged her and was finishing myself off.
one who steals a close friend’s idea, and takes full credit for the brilliant idea.
friend 1: dude did you hear?
friend 2: no dude, what’s up?
friend 1: well, paul zuckerberged me?
friend 2: d-mn dude, that’s f-ck-d up.
when the person you asked to help you with your idea steals your idea.
a set of twins ask a computer wiz to make a website for them. the wiz makes the website without intending to give it to the twins. wiz claims the website as his own even though the idea to create it wasn’t his. the wiz zuckerberged the twins.
(v) being lead to believe something is more glorious than you can imagine. but in fact it’s quite the opposite.
oh facebook ipo!! it’s so awesome!!! i’ll buy it at open at a overpriced 42.00!! 2days later… omg it’s down to 31.00… i’ve been zuckerberged. 🙁

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