when a person you thought you could trust, in matters either personal or professional, has royally d-cked you over for their own personal gain.
turns out the status updates that were originally only accessible to my friends are now visible to anyone on the internet, just so facebook could rip off what twitter does. talk about a double-zuckerpunch!
“the act of creating deliberately confusing jargon and user-interfaces which trick your users into sharing more info about themselves than they really want to. usually -ssociated with e-marketers and e-spammers.” -tom jones
a zuckerpunch is an “evil” interface is meant to trick users into doing things they don’t want to. greg conti’s examples include aggressive pop-up ads, malware that masquerades as anti-virus software, and pre-checked checkboxes for unwanted “special offers”.

ref. facebook’s “evil interfaces.” tim jones. april 29, 2010. electronic frontier foundation – deep links (blog). retrieved from: www.eff.org/deeplinks/2010/04/facebooks-evil-interfaces on may 1, 2010.
zucher punching usually occurs between two friends. friends get a good idea and start a business. they work really hard on it together for a while until one friends decides to rip the other friend off for millions and millions of dollars. this is a zucker punch.
my pal ted and i start bacef–k but i stole the idea and made it my own. i am now a millionaire, boy i zucker punched ted good.
/ verb/

the act of being reported by a facebook user and banned from facebook for violating the community standards with a post. especially applicable when the facebook standards had not been violated wrt said post.
“why tf am i banned!? i didn’t even say anything that bad! i’ve seen a lot worse on facebook!”

“dude, sounds like you got zucker punched. i wonder what thin-skinned mouth breather you p-ssed off?”

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