a hot guy with a nice jawline
what a f-cking s-xy zuhair you got going on there!
zuhair is basically a name and its meaning is: blossoming.
zuhair (zhīr`), fl. 6th cent., arab poet. zuhair is often considered the greatest writer of arabic poetry in pre-islamic times. his work is represented in the muallaqat. zuhair’s poems deal with raids and other subjects of nomadic desert life. there are several european translations of his works.
south african male with tiny t-st-c-ls
yoo your zuhair is tinyyyyy i cant even see it!

im gonna kick you in the zuhair
a godd-mn hot s-x lord who blinds people with his muscular and manly physique. usually has a flock of women and at times chasing after him at any given time
oh my god man you’re a zuhair because you’re so hot

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