you look zuhairi today.

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  • gechai

    a cool out going girl. unique and funny, good at sports such as basketball and netball. man i wish i was like gechai to be that good at basketball.

  • tomara

    a very kind and sweet girl, once you get to know her she is sweet and open to help you out friend: hey can we talk tonight tomara: sure anything you want to talk about i’m here friend: thanks tomara you’re the best

  • ainin

    usually a girl named ainin is so mysterious and quit secretive she very clever and people can trust her.she is honest and many people will like to be friend with her.people who named ainin is so cool and excellent “wow she is so ainin look” ainin is someone who likes to joke people and take […]

  • kloudao

    description of the alpha male usually in the h-m-s-xual form of human being hot as kloudao

  • nawi

    a kind and n-ble person. he may be sloppy and dummy sometimes but on top of all, he is easy a quick learner. an athlete, tall, dark and handsome. his name will always be spell out among his friends. he may look innocent but surely you don’t want to get on his nerves. hey man, […]

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