another name for a woman’s v-g-n-, often used as a derogatory reference.
she is such a zunt.
members of the zeta alpha tau sorority. all members of this select purchased friend club fall into this category with few exceptions. the word is a combination of what they call themselves, zeta, and what they all are, c-nts.
where did all the zunts come from?

you aren’t going to be a zunt are you?
the word c-nt pr-nounced with a strong german slang accent.
dude, her zunt was puffy and smelled like old lobsters.
a person, generally male, who sniffs the seats of women’s bicycles. (attested: eastern m-ssachusetts, late 1950s)
last night i saw some hairy old zunt hanging around the library’s bike rack.
zipper front pants and c-nt. a female who wears the pants in a female to female relationship.
look at that lesbian, she is zunt in that chicks life.
a blunt.
hey, you wanna come over for a zunt?

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