eating zaxby’s for supper
mom let’s get some zupper.

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  • down the brown

    eating -ss. eating that booty good. sloppy wet. lots of booty juice. imma down the brown tonight braaaaahhh. rachel loves that -ss eating like groceries.

  • wh*r* hoe

    the person who treats you like sh-t because you like her boyfriend ( though he likes you more ) because she is scared he will dump her for you. me : omfg you see loray over there , she is being a c-ck block friend : ugh yeah , she is such a wh-r–hoe.

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    the act of reaching around a standing nude man and s-xually pleasing him. one hand goes over the shoulder to vigorously jerk him off, while the other hand comes under his arm to rub his b-lls. i just got out of the shower and my wife was behind me and started giving me a hanjo-banjo

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