a complete douche bag that loves being a d-ck and cold hearted
oh did you see that zvonko… yeah i did hes a c-ck bag

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  • ranbunk

    to eat or consume too much candy “you’ve ranbunked too much candy”

  • s*xy f*ck boy

    tall, cl-ssy, well groomed good in bed emile is a s-xy f-ck boy

  • t*tty flipped

    when one girl scoops another girls t-tty and hits it upwards yo, cara just t-tty flipped me so hard!

  • water therapy

    to l-st to be nearby or in the ocean, river or lake on a sunny day to rejuvenate, relax and reset. no shirt, no shoes, no problems. i am ready to get some water therapy in this weekend!

  • mythral

    a secret cult full of g-y men with rainbow beards i think i just got an invitation to mythral

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