so what’s up?
zwuzzup joey. how’s your week been?

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  • kwaye

    one of the official goat’s of the west. rumor has it he is still ‘juj’-ing to this day. man, that guy kwaye is so god tier lmao xddd.

  • scr*t*med

    getting hit so hard in the nut sack that you don’t have the words to describe the pain. we knew carl had been scr-t-med when he doubled over and could not draw a breath to tell us where it hurt.

  • blueberries

    to come up with a complete non-sequitor in a conversation. the entymology of this word began on the geek show podcast when panelist leigh george kade would be accused of completely derailing conversations with completely irrelevant information. one day, when he wasn’t there, a fellow panelist decided to “fill in” for him and shouted “blueberries!” […]

  • caught with his hand in the nookie jar

    this describes a man caught in a s-x scandal with women. the show host was caught with his hand in the nookie jar and fired.

  • suck a d*ck dumbsh*t

    popularized by sarah lynn this common phrase is a respectful way to wish someone well when leaving a situation. “my new catchphrase will be: suck a d-ck dumbsh-t!”

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