a very s-xy and freaky women. everyone wants to be either friends with her or in a relationship with her. she is very smart and brave.
d-mn zyaisia is one h-ll of a girl

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  • finna cop

    when you’re going to take, steal, or buy something. “shhhiittttttt. i’m finna cop that b-tter pecan from culver’s,” said alyssa.

  • snuggly bunny

    a word to describe a boyfriend who loves to cuddle or spoon with all the time. my snuggly bunny is very affectionate !

  • lolbated

    when you laugh out loud at your own joke. omfg i totally just lolbated.

  • goat toter

    one who aimlessly walks around a car lot or other retail business with his “goat” (d-ck) in his hand wasting the time of salespeople when he or she couldn’t buy f-ckin’ happiness. i’ve had this f-ckin’ goat toter for 3 hours to find out he couldn’t finance the pen he signed his credit application with!

  • beach out

    to go for an outing on the beach dami,can we beach out for easter this year?

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