zyheir can get anyone he wants.zyheir is also a bad influence,and a man wh-r-!
don’t hang around zyheir

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  • turn around dumper

    when a male begins to urinate and realizes he also has to deficate, therefor requiring a turn around squat to the toilet. i went into the bathroom to p-ss but ended up having to hit a turn-around dumper. i felt like kobe when i had to hit the turn-around dumper in the bathroom.

  • post road ponytail

    a term derived from the far east side of indianapolis. describes a ponytail with just a few short strands of hair that sits on top of a woman’s head and the rest of the hair is gel’d down (most likely matted). look at that thot’s post road ponytail, it’s barely there.

  • trap *ss hoe

    type of woman who tricks men into getting them pregnant. she lied and said she was on birth control. she’s such a trap -ss hoe!

  • drill and k*ll math

    a teaching format that effectively prepares students to the test: worked examples followed by lots of practice on similar questions—algorithmic mastery over conceptual fluency. average teachers just love drill-and-kill math, because it gives oft-low self-esteem kids the illusion that they’ve mastered the concepts—teachers are happy, students gain self-confidence, and parents are pleased with the decent […]

  • explanation is joke murder

    if you have to explain it; it’s not that funny. i’m not going to tell you why sam is like a broken stoplight. explanation is joke murder.

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