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  • higgity hop on my hopscotch court

    a general insult when someone disrespects you. a: why are you so mad at wyatt? b: oh, he higgity hop on my hopscotch court. a: i hope he gets herpes

  • a free

    an underage party. short for “parent free.” typically held in a kids house when their parents are out of town. hey did you hear sally is having a free on friday night, i heard her parents are at a wedding in bermuda

  • salon finish

    when you drop your meat and two veg over the edge of the bathroom sink and wash them meticulously… friend1: “looks like that girl has her eye in for you mate!” friend2: “yeah i know, good thing i had a salon finish before i came out’…”

  • lash c*nt

    a sick lad, usually in the form of an australian highschool boy who does sh-t just because he can “did you just lift up that car and move it?” “yeah” “you’re a lash c-nt!”

  • the dos tiempo

    an hourly employee who waits until double time before performing any work. that job should have been done hours ago… the dos tiempo struck again.

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