a mean slur for lesbian.
look at that zykie

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  • smittied

    to get pulled into a booze and c-ke fueled vortex of a conversation that often continues late into the night or early into the morning. i went to happy hour last night for one drink and got {smittied} until 5:00 am.

  • kobbiliciousness

    to be extremely kobbilicious too fly to hot and s-xy and handsome to behold a true gift to the world that only one boy truely has but all can hope to gain and just too chocolatey like even “dang yo she kobbilicious”…”i like me some kobbiliciousness “

  • quefy *ss

    when ur sh-t is like strait -ss sauce running down your r-ct-m like pickle juice in a taco bell soft sh-ll taco. it is usually a mixture of liquid sh-t and p-ss. man, i had major quefy -ss this morning

  • skonkered

    the art of getting absolutely blind drunk. also see, wasted. also see, smashed. “omg did you see mitch-ll last night? he got absolutely skonkered!”

  • elsine

    elsine are known as very caring, but can be very honest. they are s-xy as h-ll and can be a great friend. some say they can have beautiful eyes. elsine can be known as careless creatures at times and can break your heart many times. they are loving creatures , but if u break their […]

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