a pathetic insult of a comedian that has no business in online entertainment. his only talent is rolling keyboards down the stairs and still managing a grammactically correct word with the proper placement of vowels. hates floppy hairs
you are such a zyphalopagus

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  • text shepherd

    a girl who has to direct a guy (who chronically snapchats instead of texting) back to an actual conversation on imessage by not opening his snaps. “oh my god gina didn’t even reply to me on snap last night, i actually had to text her. f–cking text shepherd.”

  • prasanna

    also means pleasant in sinhala prasanna udasanak. to be happy with, to be pleased with, represents a state of bliss. also used as a name for boys used as in “god’s name prasanna”. “vaishnav devi prasnna”

  • flash art

    the pre-drawn tattoo ideas hanging, on the walls of a tattoo parlor when you walk in. man 1: hey dude, i don’t what i wanna get for my next tattoo. man 2: it’s okay the place on 48th and 9th has some dope flash art.

  • proctackalate

    to procrastinate; to put off; to delay i just did sixty days because i proctackalate on paying paying my child support, now saying he one take my motherf-ckin’ license for six motherf-ckin’ months!

  • jake bury

    a man that has a huge c-ck wow his c-ck was enormous what a jake bury

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