very s-xy pulls all the hoes and he will f-ck your b-tch on sight.plus he has a very large d-ck the size of your mom’s leg
jada.you know zyrek right

jessica.yes he is so s-xy

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  • reebadeeni

    the art of describing the need of alcohol while trying to be a professional in a work environment while stating a sentence in reverse order. •reebadeeni~ read it backwards it says ( i need a beer) reebadeeni!

  • b**b bang

    a suitable replacement for t-tty f-ck. do you see that sweet potato with the large b–bs? i had inter course with her last night. the best part was the b–b bang. she used peanut oil!

  • kristen towery

    dumb thirsty b-tch wow, she’s a real kristen towery, no wonder every girl hates her.

  • samoyria

    dark chocolate.always want to fight.won’t stop until she gets what she wants.certain people she doesn’t get along with. all the boys chase after samoyria.

  • spatialrend

    -n-l s-x done in sp-ce, where you tear your partner’s -sshole, thus creating a rend, in sp-ce. jim: did you hear about those astronauts that got back from the moon? jerry: yeah, i heard one gave the other a spatialrend. jim: his -sshole must be totally ruined for life

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