a guy who hits on under aged fruits
f-ck off zyrrac

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  • creamed twinkle

    the moment euphoria pushes you to an out of this world, into the stars experience jes saw timmy and immediately had a creamed twinkle

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    the look a person gives to nearby strangers or patrons that makes it clear that they want to be alone. george noticed an attractive woman sitting by herself at the end of the bar, but as he stood up she flashed him the garbo glare and he sat back down.

  • spinning piledriver

    lift your partner up in one fuild motion 20 ft in the air, with your p-n-s in any one of there orifices, begin spinning then slam them into the ground as hard as possible. spinning piledriver b-lls in your face.

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  • damarian

    a black skinny african -sshole usally a hoe who gets what he wants and destroy their life. basically a n-gg-r with a name shut up your a f-cking damarian

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