a mixed alcoholic beverage with a simple juice, gatorade, or whatever is in your fridge
“dude where are you?” on the phone
“inside making a bromoto”
“can you make me one? i’m tryna get f*ck*d up”
” yeah, lemon lime gatorade? ”
“for sure”

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  • brothy *n*l

    a soupy *sshole man when i was f*ck*ng your mom. i saw her brothy *n*l.

  • bruble

    the sound projected from your stomach when you’ve held in a fart for too long while with a girl. ”bruble” -girl: what was that? -you: my stomach

  • bunny house

    a wh*r*house man 1: have y’all heard about a bunny house around these parts? man 2: yeah they have specials every tuesday! it’s the second exit off the freeway

  • byr

    an abbreviated form of, b*tch you reek. may be used as an alternative to avoid using the harsher form. i was laying with my girl one night and when i lifted the blanket , i was like, “byr! you need a f*ckin’ shower.”

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