in the process of becoming “dank” or “danker.” similar to stock market rising or sinking.
wow, after the election the memes seem to be dankening.

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  • suvack

    noun: suvack (singl.), suvacks (pl.) “soo-vack” term is being used especially on internet image boards. it is an english version of the finnish pejorative word ‘suvakki’. suvack is a person who claims to be tolerant to all people regardless of their background. usually suvack supports liberal or leftist political groups. it is also very common […]

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    left wing wackos or the biased mainstream media. it would appear no democrat holding or running for public office, regardless of how inept or corrupt they may be, can fail to keep the support of a denialcrat

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    snowboarding on sh-t he was skatboarding, what a douche

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    a sweet, cute, cuddly person who also has a horrible side. she may have voted for trump but that cute face makes her so deploradorable!

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