a female given name, form of Rose.


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  • Rosie lee

    noun 1. (Cockney rhyming slang) tea

  • Rosily

    adverb 1. with a rosy color. 2. in a rosy manner; brightly, cheerfully, or optimistically.

  • Rosin

    noun, Also called colophony. 1. Chemistry. the yellowish to amber, translucent, hard, brittle, fragmented resin left after distilling the oil of turpentine from the crude oleoresin of the pine: used chiefly in making varnishes, varnish and paint driers, printing inks, and for rubbing on the bows of such string instruments as the violin. 2. resin. […]

  • Rosina

    noun 1. a female given name, Italian form of Rose.

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