a winding; sinuosity.


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  • Sinuiju

    noun 1. a city in W North Korea, on the Yalu River.

  • Sinumbra-lamp

    or sinumbral lamp [si-nuhm-bruh] /sɪˈnʌm brə/ noun 1. an unshaded sperm-oil lamp consisting of a translucent glass globe supported on a pedestal: a form of astral lamp.

  • Sinuosity

    noun, plural sinuosities. 1. Often, sinuosities. a curve, bend, or turn: a sinuosity of the road. 2. a sinuous form or character. noun (pl) -osities, -ations 1. the quality of being sinuous 2. a turn, curve, or intricacy

  • Sinuous

    adjective 1. having many curves, bends, or turns; winding: a sinuous path. 2. indirect; devious: sinuous questions. 3. characterized by a series of graceful curving motions: a sinuous dance. 4. Botany. sinuate, as a leaf. adjective 1. full of turns or curves; intricate 2. devious; not straightforward 3. supple; lithe

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