a slice of meat or fish, especially beef, cooked by broiling, frying, etc.
chopped meat prepared in the same manner as a steak.
See beefsteak
any of various cuts of beef of varying quality, used for braising, stewing, etc
a thick slice of pork, veal, etc, or of a large fish, esp cod or salmon
minced meat prepared in the same way as steak: hamburger steak
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  • Steak-au-poivre

    [stek oh pwav-ruh; English steyk oh pwah-vruh, pwahv] /stɛk oʊ ˈpwav rə; English ˈsteɪk oʊ ˈpwɑ vrə, ˈpwɑv/ noun, French. 1. pepper steak (def 2).

  • Steak diane

    noun a dish of pan-cooked thin slices of tenderloin steak with seasonings, as Worcestershire sauce Examples Steak Diane is a classic restaurant show-stopping dish is usually prepared and flamed at the table but you can easily make it at home. Word Origin 1957 Usage Note cooking

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    noun large thick flat or wedge-shaped French fries Usage Note cooking

  • Steakhouse

    noun, plural steakhouses [steyk-hou-ziz] /ˈsteɪkˌhaʊ zɪz/ (Show IPA) 1. a restaurant specializing in beefsteak. noun 1. a restaurant that has steaks as its speciality

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