a boy / male
that gizee is gay.

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  • wh*r* sweater

    when it’s sweater weather and a girl is trying really hard to look s*xy, so she cuts holes where her cleavage is. d*mnnnn! did you see elise wearing that wh*r* sweater today! her t*ts were popping out at me!

  • parfie

    another word for v*g*n* flaps how i really bit that parfie last night while she was sucking me dry

  • vajackal

    vajackal noun 1. a person who is both annoying, lacks physical or mental strength, and/or is whiny. “you’re being a real vajackal right now, david. stop stealing the ping pong ball and go take a nap before i make you take a nap.” 2. a woman who is s*xually aggressive and/or predatory and possesses an […]

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