you are a bum bum

you are the biggest b-m b-m the world has ever seen
no really you are a b-m b-m

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  • jacob watson

    some small mother f-cker who thinks he is messi but is sh-t at football really alex ” callum , is jacob watson good at foot ball” callum” no, he is worse than me”

  • bang beard

    untrimmed male public region. dayum, p-b-s are gettin’ a little long. i think it’s time to trim up the bang beard.

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    when a meme is so inspirational that you realize nothing else in life matters, memes are love , memes are life. hey man i was browsing the interwebs and came across a great meme, my life was changed.

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    a meme originating from five nights at freddy’s: sister location. at the start of the fifth night, “eggs benedict” (the name given to the player on night 1 by handunit, an artificial intelligence designed for maintinence) is offered a variety of gift baskets as a reward for a week’s work. predictably, handunit misinterprets his choice […]

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