a person who is absolutely dumb and stupid beyond imagination

a very r*t*rded person
archie:tinny did you actually fail the preliminaries when we had 2 weeks notice?
tinny:yeah i did
archie:man you are a gnillot

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  • jesten

    a guy that is nice, beautiful longish hair, also know as ” alex from target ” always has a nice *ss. ” omg did you see jestens new hait cut so hot “

  • bootey

    1.this means that a person likes wearing boots, such as uggs on the daily basis. 2. this means that someone is in the mood for wearing boots. random girl: “girl, you’ve worn those uggs all week long.” random girls friend “what can i say i’m feeling bootey!”

  • incredaf*ckaloyal

    when you’re loyal as f*ck to your girl/guy. mark was incredaf*ckaloyal to ben.

  • modest orgy

    a polite orgy with posh people extra points for bringing champagne “i heard that lady claire had a modest orgy at buckingham palace with the queen”

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