a boy who is s*xy and handsome and cute
i want that johnnier i need one in my life
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  • mudgy plunkett

    a extremely dull or boring evening, esp. friday or sat*rday. although it was lashing rain, i went out anyways. the thought of another mudgy plunkett left me desperate. 0 0 get the mug

  • stool stamp

    the thong’s equivalent to a skid mark. when there is trace evidence of stool on a thong, and because the thong is so tight, it looks like a stamp instead of a streak. when she looked at her thong , after she p*ssed gas that was questionable, she noticed that there was a stool stamp. […]

  • turdeau

    sh*t, p**p, excrement i took a huge t*rdeau today, it would barely flush 0 0 get the mug

  • ventilator

    shotgunning smoke into someone’s nostrils. blowing smoke into someone’s nose. i gave her the ventilator and smoke came out her mouth. 0 0 get the mug

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