someone who likes to be queefed on and also likes to play poker with his g*y buddies

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  • c*ck gluten

    glu-ton a man or woman that craves c*ck. loves to play with it and generally loves it in all of thier holes… tom h:”josh-ew loves c*ck; he allways gets it down his local gay-bar.” duke:”he is quite the c*ck gluten”

  • boahene

    (pr*nounced bow-he-ne, bow as in the weapon) it is a slang term for p*ssy. it can be used to talk about p*ssy or used to call someone a p*ssy. also known by its short term hene it is a popularized term used in hamilton,on tyler: yo last night i got it in styll kenneth: yo […]

  • lazarob*tch

    a young man from the area of london, ontario. he patrols the streets late at night in hunt of young men who want to share in “a good time”. his choices of music include abba, aqua, and the village people. his regular daytime pastimes include masturbating vigorously to lemonparty, sitting on toilet plungers, and eating […]

  • ram-dite

    to be – sure – positive – correct origin: (2) words – d*mn – right language: hithumspeak ram-dite she want’s me !

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