to place the shadow of one’s t*st*cl*s on the shadow of another’s forehead
my wife fell asleep in the chair so i turned on a lamp in the corner and shadowbagged her.

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  • shredded' her cabbage

    used as a connotation towards having s*x with someone but in reality you did nothing. “after the bar, i took amanda home and shredded’ her cabbage.”

  • smacking beans

    hot s*x between two or more females. may include scissoring, oral, fingering, d*ld* action and light or rough hand smacking and tugging to stimulate the cl*toris. dana and her girlfriends love to get together on sat*rday night for a little netflix and smacking beans.

  • smootville

    smootville: nappy hair, really bad hair day, grungy oily dirty head. like a village of smoot in your hair. that dudes smootville be all up in the way of the screen, bruh.

  • snæss

    a norwegian slang word for snus. snus is a form of tobacco product in scandinavia. “få bomme en snæss a” “let me b*m a snæss”

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