to take a large p*n*s

to have had s*x with a large p*n*s
mary told amy that she had been shish-ka-d*cked by bob the night before.

bob has a very long shlong. anyone he’s had s*x with, he’s shish-ka-d*cked.

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  • sh*t pouch

    another name for your mouth because of all the cr*p that comes out of it. why don’t you keep that sh*t pouch of yours closed because you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • shlong-ding-dong

    slang for p*n*s and a racial slur or asian people. chong wu: dooood i totally just saw hong’s shlong-ding-dong hanging out! ling-ling: dooood no freaken’ way!

  • shutter b*tter

    that shady sh*t. that sh*t you get behind closed doors. dude, don’t f*ck with him. he gets that shutter b*tter.

  • sloppy sea slug

    sloppy sea slug; the act of covering your c*ck in socks left in c*m filled gloves that have been kept in a bucket of p*ss for the past two weeks. garry and i are planning a sloppy sea slug, want to help out?

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