Snapping the Banjo

when the banjo string (between the b*ll*nd and the forskin) snaps while having s*x.
snapping the banjo- “the man snapped his banjo string last night”

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  • permyb*lls

    when a girl licks your b*lls and you get goose b*mps from it. daym, that girl last night gave me permyb*lls

  • dinner bang

    quick casual s*x. leslie and i aren’t serious. she just occasionally stops by my place for a dinner bang!

  • tom mulcair

    a strange orange-skinned alien from mars. greetings earthlings! my name is tom mulcair.

  • got dem carps

    possessing an uncanny ability to bed the opposite s*x, despite appearance, wealth, or social standing. reasons for this range from the unknown to large amounts of cocaine. ol’ fred is ugly as sh*t but he gets all the ladies. aye, he got dem carps doe.

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