a c*nty sycophantic wannabe who follows in the wake of the head b*tch and do her bidding in order to gain her favor–often found in an ostensibly important person’s entourage, or huddled in a clique…
ugh, kim k.’s little sn*tchling think she important. she better get her basic *ss out here before she get bashed.
young talent
person 1 check out that girl she is gorgious. person 2 dont bother she’s too young she is a sn*tchling
an underage girl. usu. hot.
person1: whoa that chick is hot, man!
person2: d*mn, she’s a sn*tchling, dude!
person1: i don’t care, look at that *ss!
person2: what is she, like 12?
person1: no way! she’s at least 13.

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