throwaway ho

there aren’t any definitions for throwaway ho yet.

can you define it?

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  • to come to a head

    to reach a critical or crucial stage, that is, to get worse. to come to a head: at the end of the week, everything came to a head and sam was fired.

  • travel brat

    one who will only travel in luxury. one with very high standards for flights, hotels, dining etc while vacationing. usual a result of experienced business travel, a high income, or being a sugarbaby. jack only flies first cl*ss and stays in 5 star hotels. he’s a total travel brat.

  • turkey hump

    the s*x post secondary students are excited to go home to on thanksgiving weekend. (as opposed to the popular term, turkey dump: breaking up with a significant other over thanksgiving weekend) how was your thanksgiving weekend? pretty good, got that turkey hump.

  • twatus acquaintus

    (n). ipa pr*nunciation (derivative: olde english): /twɒt’ʌs əˈkwānt’ʌs/ a tw*t with which one is acquainted. also known as a previously explored v*g*n*, either orally or carnally. alternative uses can included but are not limited to: c*ntus acquaintus, m*ffus acquaintus, pun*n*s acquaintus, etc. example a: bro 1: bro, you know her!? bro 2: yea, bro, it’s […]

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