talk to you in school
drug dealer: yo, where is my drug money?
you: ttyis

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  • trash *ss piece of wh*r*

    someone who is so trashy that they are similar to a wh*r*. giacomo: i turned off your computer, haha b*tch. alex: you trash *ss piece of wh*r*!!

  • u wut m8!?

    use by people to question sh*t guy 1: i f*cked your dog hard guy 2: u wut m8!?

  • cluck a duck

    the act of clucking a medium sized billed animal that goes “quack”. form 1 billy: “hey joe, wanna cluck a duck?” joe: ” sure!” form 2 *joe is playing a game* joe: “oh cluck a duck!”

  • churlin

    a special type of hanging out. better than the typical. “me and hans were churlin last night at my place, it was great.”

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