water snaking it

when two g*y men one uncirc*mcised and the other circ*mcised dock their p*n*ses and then one or the other men m*st*rb*t* both of them with each stroke using the uncirc*mcised persons foreskin. when reaching a climax in this circ*mstance the act of *rg*sming compounded with the near watertight seal of one c*ck inside another, often causes a sticky and unpredictable explosion of s*m*n around the edge of the outer docked pensis’ foreskin. similar to the effect of holding ones thumb over the end of a water hose. this s*m*n spray effect when water snaking it is often called a backdraft. note, because pain is normal for the backdraft recipient, finishing first is often a race between the stroker and strokee.
at the end of their date, the two g*y lovers m*st*rb*t*d by water snaking it. they took turns simultaneously stroking their docked p*n*ses until one “back drafted” inside of the others p*n*s.

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