an extremely large p*n*s of a white man.
gosh girl, michael has a wiggadingo!

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    the term savage bars is used when the lyrical value of a song is on point or if someone in a song is getting roasted. dam m80 deez r sum savage bars

  • beljin

    is a guy good at football but rubbish with the girls. he also has a very small sized p*n*s ‘look at that he is such a beljin

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    that n*gg* a f*cking b*tch, and he is kinda fat d*mn ladarrius

  • confuseld

    to be extra confused. mostly used when you don’t get something with school or schoolwork. origin: english, alegabra cl*ss. teacher: what is 9^2 + c^2 = 14^2? student 1: c~= 10.72 teacher: correct. student2: wait, i don’t get how you do this. i’m confuseld.

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