to be extremely drunk/wasted or high. to be extremely f*cked up/not sober.
“bro we got so zunked last night”
“can’t wait to get zunked on sat*rday”

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  • pinktard

    when your p*n*s is very pink kinky: that’s very pinktard

  • yuecob

    it is the most beautiful and loving marriage in the history of marriages. i cry inside when i think about it. sometimes the more feminine side is more rude and mean the b*mbling masculine marshmallow, but it still works! yuecob is goals!

  • sh*t handshake

    to knowingly or unknowingly shake someone’s hand directly after having a sh*t without washing ur hands, the other person might be too embarr*ssed to sniff their hands after the sh*t handshake. i’m gonna give him/her a sh*t handshake.

  • chooner

    someone who takes a sh*t in other peoples house’s typically to not stink up their own bathroom. often used as a derogatory term. -you took at sh*t at his house? you’re a f*cking chooner. -come finsih this set, don’t be a chooner

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