the beginning of the landline of anybody unfortunate enough to live in birmingham.

also sounds like ‘go and do one’
tw-t 1: oy oy mate!
tw-t 2: 0121… ya tw-t
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1- dialing code used for the majority of the birmingham area.

2- rhyming slang used by one of my sad b-st-rd telephone engineer mates to replace the phrase ‘do one’
“i’ve finished work now, so i’m gonna 0121”

“this guy asked for a free phone extension, so i told him to 0121”
the area code of birmingham, uk.
everyone who lives in birmingham has a phone number starting with 0121.
0121…. do one.
often used by the chav population given when asked for ones phone number.
“can i have your number?”
sure!… its “0121…. do one”
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