0sec is a group of hackers that have established in late february 2016.
oh no! 0sec hacked my website!

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  • r/martialarts

    r/martialarts a subreddit full of wannabe ufc fighters. they think anything that isn’t mma or bjj is bullshido. guy 1: so, i’ve been taking aikido and…. guy 2: pffftttt, aikido is so bullshido i read that on r/martialarts

  • stealth dick

    “stealth d-ck” (noun, sg., reg.) – a person getting some action against contrary belief, arising astoundment and confusion upon discovery. d-mn, that sloki’s such a stealth d-ck. we all thought he was single, but he’s been getting some zadlog action all along!

  • labnormalities

    lab abnormalities jeffrey: hey tobias, any labnormalities on our new patient? tobias: thankfully there weren’t. hopefully stevie brings bagels.

  • Pancakie

    a s-xual act where at least three people smother each other with pancake batter and maple syrup and stack themselves on top of one another and wriggle about. “oh man, ryan, david, and i had a hot pancakie last night and now my room is a mess!”

  • dust punching

    when a young male has s-xual relations with an older lady “80 to 100”. aka a dust puncher “yo dude you want to go dust punching, i found an old broad who is willing to double team”

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