a scale of pure awesomeness.
on a scale from 1-hanc-ck i’m pretty awesome

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  • positon of belligerence

    while the male is on the bed, the female is atop a ceiling fan, spinning around at a fast rate, the man tries to stick his erect p-n-s into the women’s v-g-n-. the end result is an amazing -rg-sm for both parties involved. bill: man i gave your cousin natashia a “positon of belligerence” we […]

  • 1 hand waltz

    masturbation. the act of pleasuring oneself using manual stimulation. one handed-tussle. a less aggressive version of the 5 knuckle shuffle and cousin to the 2 hand tango. a fistful of man dollars. pulling on the old wad. jerkin’ the gherkin’. slapping the ham. pounding the pig. pullin’ the skin flute. one hand short of a […]

  • sh*tgahm

    the act of sh-tt-ng your pants at a party. aha, did you hear? he did a sh-tgahm.

  • shiver bone

    another word for the male b-n-r. oh yeah baby, rub my shiver bone.

  • holy moly

    a term often used instead of and meaning “holy sh-t” either by a young person in front of there parents to avoid getting an -ss whooping or by a young person in front of peers as a term of surprise, shock. “holy moly did you see the speed of that car?” it means the same […]

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