10 point relationship scale

1:holding hands
3:holding hands
4:kiss on cheek
5:kiss on lips
6:making out
7:touching eachothers body parts (b–bs, b-tt, p-n-s, etc.)
8:7 but with clothes off
9:oral s-x
10:s-xual intercourse
guy 1: hey how far did you and your girlfriend get in the 10 point relationship scale?

guy 2: on the 10 point relationship scale we got to 5! :d
1: holding hands
2: hugging
3: cuddling
4: kiss on the cheek
5: kiss on the lips
6: making out
7: touching your partners body (b–bs, b-tt, p-n-s, etc.)
8: 7 but with clothes off
9: oral s-x
10: s-xual intercourse
guy 1: hey, how far did you and your girlfriend get on the 10 point relationship scale?

guy 2: on the 10 point relationship scale we got to a 6! :d

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